Music that are created or perfect for gambling

Music that are created or perfect for gambling

Without question, we’re all big gambling fans. In today’s blog post, however, we leave the world of online slot machines for a few minutes and deal with classical music and its composers, all of whom have to do with gambling. There are a few exciting works that are dedicated to our favourite hobby and some composers have made their experiences with slots and Co. in one way or another.

Classical composers with a penchant for gambling

Classical music is actually not what you would expect in the casino, but there are numerous composers who either were gamers themselves or who used gambling as a source of inspiration for their pieces of music:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – This composer of the late 18th century, known to this day, has long been said to have a penchant for gambling. Although it could never be clearly proven, there are still rumors that Mozart even had large gambling debts.

Gioachino Rossini – The Italian composer Rossini ran a casino in the opera house and also enriched it himself. The games of chance even took place there during the opera performances!

Niccolo Paganini – Paganini was mainly known as a successful violinist, but was also one of the most famous composers of his time. Contemporaries reported that he once took his violin to the pawnshop to pay gambling debts. Therefore, he had to play at least one concert on a borrowed violin.

All 3 musicians have left their clear traces in the history of the music world. Interesting, isn’t it? As you can see, everything does not always have to be about the latest online slot machines, but “older” topics can also have their charm. Talk to other players about it in our forum or tell us which music you prefer to listen to. We look forward to you!


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